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Ordering a custom knife in 4 simple steps!

1.    Pick a knife model you like, such as a Camp knife, Pup, 307, etc... and add to your cart.

2.    Next, pick the type of handle material (scales) would like, i.e., Micarta or wood and add to  your cart.
3.    Next, pick the pin you would like. Center Decorative pin?  1/8" solid silver?  1/4" mosaic perhaps?  Then add to your cart.

4.    Lastly, pick the sheath color/ design you'd like to finish your knife and add to   cart.  That's it! 


* Oh, don't forget some custom etching too. ;)


(1st- Pick your knife style)

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Handle selections
(2nd- Pick your scales)

Knife pins
(3rd- Pick your pins)