Under the "Homeless" catagory you'll find a knife that was either a prototype, a blemish of some sorts or just a knife I made that wasn't ordered as custom.  There is no rhyme nor reason behind which style or type that gets posted here but I can say, they don't last long when they get here. 


This months featured knife is a prototype Chimera.  As stated in the YouTube video showcasing this particular knife, it suffered from 2020 and therefore could not be used as its intended purpose.  Two good things came of this.  1) I came up with a new idea for a knife model and 2) you get a great deal on a truly one-of-a-kind knife.


Made from 3/16" thick D2 steel

10" long

2" wide

Blade length of 5-3/8"

Black canvas Micarta and nickle-silver tube pins