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*** Note: all peices here are for sale for knife customers only ***


The pieces here will fit the following knives: 

The 307



Back Country Shiv


Coyote Pup

Coyote Works Camp Knife

Bush knife




Carving knife

Chefs knife




Now here comes the hardest part of my business and website. Stabilized woods that are either natural or dyed. Every one of these woods would be a great addition to a custom knife. As you look through these pictures you'll see why.  Cherry, Maples, palm, Ash, etc... whether in burl form, quilted, figured or curly, each piece here is a one-of.  These pieces are all in my inventory.


NOTE: There is only one of each and it is a first-come-first-serve basis.  If the knife you are purchasing may be used in a more abusing situation, I would recomend a harder wood such as Cocobolo, Desert Ironwood or Madagascar Ebony or even a canvas Micarta.

Stabilized wood for small, medium and large knives

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