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Now here comes the hardest part of my business and website. Stabilized woods that are either natural or dyed. Every one of these woods would be a great addition to a custom knife. As you look through these pictures you'll see why.  Cherry, Maples, palm, Ash, etc... whether in burl form, quilted, figured or curly, each piece here is a one-of.  These pieces are all in my inventory.  I will do my best to keep track of stock and adjust the store but realize, someone may buy the same piece your looking at.  If that does happen, I can give you a similar product or refund you. 


Not all of the woods I have here fit each knife I make so feel free to reach out to me and ask.  Also, there is only one of each piece.  DO NOT SELECT TWO OF ONE STYLE/NUMBER.  Do you like a piece but not sure it is fitting for a Rogue or Santoku?  Want to make sure it’s still in stock?  Simply contact me here and ask.  The woods here also make great additions to a kitchen knife.  And remember, black paper Micarta bolsters are standard on kitchen knives if wanted and will add a great contrasting look to your knife.


NOTE: There is only one of each and it is a first-come-first-serve basis.  I do my best to track inventory but if an item is sold out I will notify you and we can find a replacement or I can refund your purchase.

Stabilized wood for scales 2