This stainless steel upgrade is suited for the following knives:



Kit Badger 'Back Counry Shiv'

Warrior Poet Society 'STPT'


If you are here it's because you wish to have a knife made of stainless steel rather than the standard D2 steel. Before deciding, I want to give you this bit of information to assist in your decisions. This page is only pertinent to those not buying a kitchen knife. All my kitchen knives are stainless steel. Some do use carbon steels but most people are not as diligent in their knife care so blades will be effected. Kitchen knives in carbon steel, even if well maintained will grow a petina of sorts and become discolored and even gray.

1. If considering this as a hunting knife know that stainless steels hold an edge for a longer period of time but when they become dull, they are harder to manually sharpen.

2. If you wanted an acid-stone wash finish, stainless steels do not take that process consistently and I therefore do not offer that finish if wanting a stainless steel.

3. Stainless steels can be hand sanded or finished in a sand blasted matte gray finish. 4. Stainless steels cost more because of what they are and how the knife is made here in my shop.

5. Know that CPM D2 and D2 are a semi- stainless steel and that's why I chose to use it. Yes, I did learn on these steels, and I came to the conclusion that if my friend and knife mentor with 40 years of experience stuck with D2, it's alright for me.

Stainless steel upgrade (small/medium) knives