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The Whisper is a small little neck knife or EDC knife (Ever Day Carry) made from D2 steel.  Weighting under 3 oz. The Whisper is barely and 1" wide and 5" long yet extremely comfortable.  Whether used for cleaning small game animals or something tossed in a pocket for use while camping or backpacking, a Whisper is a great little companion. You'll get your Whisper in a sheath of your choice and a UltiClip for attaching to you pants or pack.  If you want to wear your Whisper around your neck, simply remove the UltiClip and lace your choice of lanyard material though the sheath eyelets. (as seen in pictures).


The Whisper can be had with or without scales. (handle materials)  Whispers with scales, or what I call 'dressed' Whispers, only come in a hand sanded satin finish and two 1/8" pins but do come with a signature tapered tang.  Scale materials are limited.   A Whisper without scales, or what I call a 'naked' Whisper, can be finished in either hand sanded satin, sand blasted matte gray or an acid-stone wash finish.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I can assist in your ordering.


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The Whisper

  • As with the other knives on my site, pictures are only representatives to what you will receive.  Woods change form knife to knife. Leathers vary from shade to shade. All items are handmade.


    Depending upon availability, I may substitute CPM D2 for D2 if CPM D2 is unavailable.  The same is for my stainless steels.  I may use CPM s35vn or CPM 154, whichever is available at the time I process your order.