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The knife that started it all! The carving Knife was my first venture into making kitchen knives. Granted, no Holiday dinner is complete without a good carving knife in-hand.


The Carving Knife also helps round out a 3 or 4 piece set that would make a great anniversary gift. Like my other two kitchen knives, the Carving Knife comes in at 12" long and is made from either CPM s35vn or CPM 154 stainless steel.


1. Add this Carver to your cart
2. Pick the type of handle material you'd like (Micarta or wood) then add to your cart
3. Pick the type of pin(s) you would like and add to your cart
4. Pick the sheath that best finishes off your build and add to your cart
5. Don’t forget some custom etching too!

The Carver

  • As with the other knives on my site, pictures are only representatives to what you will receive.  Woods change form knife to knife. Leathers vary from shade to shade. All items are handmade.


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