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Knife orders are approximately 4 months out before delivery.
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Ordering a custom knife in 4 simple steps!

  1. Pick a knife model you like, such as a Camp knife, Pup, 307, etc... and add to your cart.

  2. Next, pick the type of handle material (scales) would like, i.e., Micarta or wood and add to your cart.

  3. Next, pick the pin you would like. Center Decorative pin?  1/8" solid silver?  1/4" mosaic perhaps?  Then add to your cart.

  4. Lastly, pick the sheath color/ design you'd like to finish your knife and add to cart.  That's it!  Oh, don't forget some custom etching too. ;)



I know that selecting something such as a custom knife can be hard.  I have many choices here and it can be overwhelming at times.  Remembering who the knife is for or why you want one is a huge help.  A wedding or anniversary?  Birthday or Christmas?  The following steps should assist in your decision making. Also, make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the Shop page to make sure you don't miss anything.


The first thing you have to do is look over the styles of knives I've made to-date.  A Montana or Skinner for the hunter?  A Rogue, Chimera or Renegade for a tactical/ fighting knife?  A '307', Jasper or Coyote Works 2.0 for backpacking or every day carry?  Something in the kitchen perhaps?  No matter what you choose, you'll have many options in here to make your knife, yours.


The handle materials on a knife are called the scales.  You'll have to look through the many woods or man made materials to get a feel for what's out there.  Micarta and wood can be for the outdoors or tactical/ fighting life style.  Both also lean towards the kitchen or the more collectable side as well.  Only non-stabilized woods are recommended for uses other than the kitchen.  Remember though, woods vary from piece to piece (like a fingerprint), I do my best to give you ample examples of what you'll get, the grain and colors that give the wood its character change.  This also gives you, the customer, a knife no one else will have.


Like the scales on your knife, the pins can help make your knife have that personal touch.  Whether a simple 1/4" round tube or a custom center decorative 10mm center pin.  This will make the knife yours.  Maybe you want your initials?  A military logo?  Spiderman or Batman?  If you don't see a pin design, contact me and send me some artwork to see if I can get the pin your looking for.


Sheath's and their materials can range from thermoplastics like Kydex and Holstex to high grade leathers.  Where Kydex and Holstex come standard, leather sheaths are a $250 upgrade.  If you are not sure, look through the pictures to get a feel for what I do. And again, you can always send me an email with your questions.


Yes, there is a lot to go over and think about.  The reason for my creating this website was to try and give each customer as much input as I possibly could to make their knife as unique as the owner.  I am limited in many ways but I hope you'll find what your looking for.  Remember, each knife I make is handmade by me and at the end of the day, no one else will have a knife exactly like yours.


If you wish to have custom engraving for one of my knives or a knife you currently own, simply email me at sales@ckknifeandtool or use to CONTACT tab to send me your request as well as any attached artwork or etching ideas and I can send you a cost.  You can also select this option under the KNIVES tab as you are picking out a knife and all it's options.


How does the waiting process go?

Once you have ordered a knife, I will print your order up and create a box for you.  In this, I begin to cut and collect all the materials that will go into the making of your knife.  In most cases, this part happens pretty quickly.  I have most all materials in-stock.  On occasion, if something is not in-stock it would be your steel or a decorative custom center pin.  As of this update, I have an approximate wait time of 6 months or more for delivery of any one knife ordered.

What if I decide I no longer want to wait for a knife after I order?

At the time of ordering your knife, you have been exposed to the wait times.  I also share information via my social media platforms to give everyone insight as to what I am doing and what is being accomplished.  Because you ordered your knife under this wait time situation I do not refund complete knife orders.  As stated above, all your materials are processed quite rapidly to keep an efficient flow in the shop.  There are also credit card fees or PayPal fees that are incurred.  If you feel that the wait time has gone beyond the stated period then I may refund you 50% of your purchase.  This applies to all knives at any stage of completion.  For example, your knife was $400, you will receive approximately $200 of that purchase.  Once I do this, you can no longer change your mind again.  I then will dispose of the knife as I see fit.  Sale, give-a-way, destruction.  It is no longer your knife.

Knife issues

If you feel that in the course of using your knife it has not performed the way it should, you can contact me and then send your knife for inspection.  Mailing the knife to and from my shop is a cost incurred by you, the customer.  If something has happened to the knife that is based on my error, I will refund you the cost of your knife less the shipping and tax (if applicable) or make you another knife of the same kind/shape.

Mind you, this subject is quite controversial with people.  A knife is NOT an axe nor a screwdriver, nor a hammer.  It is a knife.  They are used as such but are used out of context to its objected purpose.  An example, if you choose to baton wood for a campfire, using another piece of wood across the spine of the knife is more acceptable than using another metal object.  If you choose to pry a can with the tip of the knife and it breaks, be thankful the piece didn't catch you or someone else in the eye.  You should have used something more appropriate for the task.  AND TAKE NOTE... A HANDMADE CUSTOM KNIFE, NO MATTER WHO'S IT IS, SHOULD NEVER BE WASHED OR CLEANED IN A DISHWASHER.  Hand wash all knives.  Your knife wasn't made in a foreign land somewhere by a bunch of machines.  Also, most all handle material cannot stand temperatures about 150*.  Epoxy break free at temps around 225* and more.  Micartas, G10, etc... cannot withstand high temps and waters like a washing machine or dishwasher.

With these examples and many others, it is not lost on me that a knife is also looked at as a tool when situations are rough and the proper tool is not available.  I understand this both as a hunter, outdoorsman, and bush crafter.  I am not beyond helping you restore your knife to a more pleasing, suitable condition after said use but there will be costs to this reconditioning/ refurbishing.

The wood/ Micarta doesn't look the same as the picture

In the case of wood,'s wood.  Wood has grains, shades and colors that change as the wood is sanded and shaped to become the scales of your knife.  Just as some woods have oils that make them darker or lighter, sanding changes the wood and therefore may remove or add character.  As for Micarta s or in any man-made materials like G10, G-carta, Kumite, etc... there are what's call batches or runs.  Each one of these varies slightly at each making and I have no control over that process.

I bought the same knife as my friend, son, father, brother, etc... but they arent alike.

This is both an inaccurate statement and a correct statement... sort of.  You see, each knife I make is handmade.  I cut, shape, grind each one.  There are no water jet or CNC machines that make my knives currently.  Your knife no matter when it was made will have variations to it vs. another persons knife.  One knife is an 1/8" longer or the width of the belly is slightly more steep than his/ hers.  This happens as I make each one.  Even though I make many knives and styles, I can not remove the "human error factor" in making a knife.  I do my best to duplicate and match to the best of my abilities but I can only do so much.

Are there any discounts for Law Enforcement or Military?

I do give discounts to both Military, Law Enforcement and repeat customers.  Contact me to find out what codes are available for one-time purchases.  If you have questions about this, contact me here and we can work out the details.

There are so many variables in both making a knife and the deploying of a knife that I cannot cover all of them.  I just want you to know that I do my utmost to ensure that I send you a knife to be proud of and in some cases, be an heirloom for your family.  If at any time you have questions or concerns, contact me here and I will do my best to answer them.



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