** As of April 2022 The Camp Knife does nopt come with any etching other than the makers mark.  If you wish to have an etch, whether a YouTube personality or your own personal name/ slogan, this is an extra charge.  You can find this option here on the website. **


This knife comes from a 3/16"+/- thick piece of D2 steel. Coming in at approximately 10.25" in length and with an approximate belly of 1.63". Dressed in either black, natural or O.D. green canvas Micarta scales, and a choice of an acid/stone wash or hand sanded brushed finish, (2) 1/8" pins and a 1/4" lanyard tube. You have a choice of several Kydex Colors and then a Blade-Tech Tek-Lok finishes it off.


NOTE: The Camp knife comes with no etching as standard. To have something etched on side of knife, place knife in cart and then shop for the etching option here on the website.


You can also choose to upgrade your knife to have different pins, a leather sheath, and different handles (scales). Simply add a knife to your cart and then continue shopping for pins and handle materials to make you Camp Knife truly unique.


If you have any questions or wish to upgrade but not sure of what to do or a certain pin layout, feel free to reach out to me via the contact page here.


All knives are shipped USPS Priority mail w/ insurance

Camp Knife

  • As with the other knives on my site, pictures are only representatives to what you will receive.  Woods change form knife to knife. Leathers vary from shade to shade. All items are handmade.


    Depending upon availability, I may substitute CPM D2 for D2 if CPM D2 is unavailable.  The same is for my stainless steels.  I may use CPM s35vn or CPM 154, whichever is available at the time I process your order.