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The “Pup". Made from 3/16" x 1-1/2" x 8" D2 blade steel, a blade length of approx. 3-1/2", this knife sports a full tang, slight drop point. The Pup comes standard with your choice of 1/8” brass or silver pins or 1/4” brass or silver tubes. You can look through my other pin selections and customize your Pup with a Center Decorative pin of your choice or some of my 1/4” Mosaic pins.


1. Add this Companion to your cart
2. Pick the type of handle material you'd like (Micarta or wood) then add to your cart
3. Pick the type of pin(s) you would like and add to your cart
4. Pick the sheath that best finishes off your build and add to your cart
5. Don’t forget some custom etching too!

The ‘Pup’

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