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* These pins are for CK Knife and Tool Knife customers only *


Here's one more example of how you can make your knife, yours. The pins pictured here are approximately 10mm (3/8") in diameter and are made from brass or nickel-silver metals and have a colored epoxy fill. Initials, military logo's or various other designs can be had. Yes, there are limitations to what can be made but these here show what is possible. If you wish to have initials like one, two or three letters, simply select the pin with the initials to add to your cart. Once your purchase is complete, contact us with your order information and the letter(s) you would like. If you don’t see something here but would like to make a request, simply reach out via the CONTACT portion of the website.Please note all pins are for knife customers and not for individual sale. Pins are for those that are wanting to customize their knife.


Initials Decorative Pins

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