Madagascar Ebony has become by far one of my favorite woods.  With colors ranging from dark browns and blacks to hughes of pink and gray and various shades of tan... coupled with a Janka hardness rating of over 3,000 lbf, what's not to like?!


Madagascar Ebony is also called Gaboon Ebony.  Both share very similar characteristcs and similar hardness.


And like many of my woods, these photo's and video give you a representation of what the wood can look like.  When cut and shaped, changes do occur.  These are examples and not specifics to what your scales will come like.  NOTE: There is only one of each and it is a first-come-first-serve basis. I do my best to track inventory but if an item is sold out I will notify you and we can find a replacement or I can refund your purchase.

Madagascar Ebony