The Amarok. One of the newest knives releasing for 2020. 12" long with a blade legth approx. 6-3/4" in length and made from D2 steel. This large but light weight and well balanced blade is a unique knife. The Amarok will be a seriealized knife line (002 and up) and only two will be made per year. Each Amarok comes with a handmade leather sheath as well as all the options and accesories in my inventory.


Once you make the purchase of this knife, I will contact you and personally talk you through all the options available to make your Amarok a truly one-of-a-kind knife! Make sure to include a contact number so I may call you to finalize your order. Remeber... You are selecting only the knife at this time. I will call you to pick out your leather sheath pins and handle materials.


As a purchaser of an Amarok, you have access to all the pins in my inventory as well as all the woods available to me. Simply go through the selections here and then I will email you to get your order finalized.

The Amarok