Made from D2 knife steel, The Skinner was designed by myself and two other hunters looking for a small skinning knife.  It comes in at 6" in length and sports my signature tapered tang.  These gentleman had requirements that the knife be stout enough to grasp well even when their hands were wet and be short enough to not cause issues when cleaning an animal.  They also needed it to have some girth because both were suffering from the physical wear and tear of age.  By far, since creating the Skinner, it has been a very popular knife in the hunting community.


The Skinner is given a hand sanded satin finish and you still get to then pick out what handle materials and pins you'd like.  


After you choose your knife and options, check out the tabs with pins and scales (handle materials) before you check out.


All knives are shipped USPS Priority mail w/ insurance

The Skinner

  • As with the other knives on my site, pictures are only representatives to what you will receive.  Woods change form knife to knife. Leathers vary from shade to shade. All items are handmade.